About Us

A little about the team

Company History

3L Partners is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that helps business understand and utilize technology. Over the past 18-years, we have assembled one of the best technical and customer service-focused teams in the industry. Our approach puts our clients at the center of everything we do; they are why we are here in the first place. 3LP is committed to developing long-term, strategic relationships with every client. Want proof? Since we opened our doors over a decade ago, 3LP has averaged over 98% client retention. Founded by Scott Hart in October 1995, 3LP, is a privately held company with a client base of roughly 125 California-based companies. When 3LP first started, IT Support was extremely reactive in nature; when something broke, you called a technician to come out and fix it. And here's the best part...they offered no guaranteed response time. The industry also lacked standardization, process, and most important...good customer service. Scott saw this as a huge opportunity in the market and quickly set out to make local history. Today, IT Support from 3LP is much different. We standardize equipment based on industry best-practices, offer a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) with guaranteed response times, Wrapped around this, is an experienced team dedicated to providing a positive client experience. So, whether you need an IT Maintenance Contract, or have an IT project or installation, the Team at 3LP will ensure the best IT solution in Orange County.  

Scott Hart

Company Founder

Scott Hart started in IT in 1981 during his training at Hughes Aircraft Company (HAC).  The first PC was introduced and HAC purchased one.  Since the technology was so new there wasn't anyone that knew how to use it.  Being the new kid out of college, they let Scott take a shot at it.  Over 8 months this became the daily routine to learn and understand the use of a PC.  This became a great asset in the workplace as the organization of work and customers was beyond my colleagues. This soon transition into a hobby and passion to learn more about networking servers, etc.  In 1995, Scott left HAC and started 3L Partners.

John Rubino


John is 3LP's senior technician.  With several certifications and years of experience in the server, network, exchange and firewall space , John's experience is utilized on many projects and network designs.

Jay Borromei

Web development / software development

Jay is our web and software development guru.  With several major projects local and international, Jay has proven to be the web development expert.  Working on project small to very large, Jay's experience is what you are looking for when it comes to managing a development project. Jay is also our datacenter and co-location engineer.  Jay can work with your company to design a cloud based solution for your entire enterprise.

Al Eriksson

Senior Technician

Al has worked with several dental groups.  Al is a senior with many years of experience in the small business market.  He is a certified Microsoft Small business engineer.  With many years of experience in the small business space, Al has provided customers with solutions that are affordable, secure and efficient.

Thomas Yeung

Desktop support / network management

Thomas is our desktop support engineer.  Thomas is our go to guy for network virus issues.  If a company has a virus outbreak, Thomas in an expert in identifying this and fixing this quickly.  Thomas also is a network engineer with years of experience in the small business space.